Special Thanks to these Very Important People

We would like to thank the following people who have supported our organization by donating, purchasing VIP passes, or sponsoring one or more of our attending reality stars. This event would not be possible without the generous donations and support of the following people

Mark “Big Daddy” Byrd Jack Stephens Sara Winn Verna Brandenburger Tamara Eriksen Terri Melton Danny Flemming
Brandon Winn Jeff H. Douglas Wolak Michael Stuckey Deb Blanton Sandy Arend Kori Flemming
Brian Bussells Lauren Bussells Crystal Wong Darrell Wolcott Brandon Taylor Curt Clark Moosie Fowler
Jason Guilbeau Greg Wilson Bonnie Parsons Stephen Arena Scott Bennett Newman Granger
Fran Rackley Lisa Fields Debi Taylor Tasha Wilkie Scott Grensted Cheryl Connors
Delaney Taylor Brian Mueller Rhonda Wilkie Adam Nagel Brittany Connors Adam Albrecht
Shelley Hodges Dana Broadus Donna Fleming Amanda Trent Michael Payan Dave Garner
Justin Ellett Jen Ellett Mike Chiodo Rebecca Epperson Jeanette Luciano Kelley Worrell
Kacper Tolwinski Micheal “Big Mike” Allbright Stefan Tolwinski Marcus Williams Lynda Williams Pam Cook
Ben Holder Stephanie Underhill Brian Wildman Matthew T’s Patrick Melton Mary Barnes


Want to Sponsor Your Favorite?

Many reality stars won’t make it to the event due to the costs associated with travel and expenses. By sponsoring one or more of your favorite stars, you will be both supporting a very worthwhile cause and insuring that your favorite reality show cast member will be able to come. If you are interested in this, please send an email to April Mueller, the event coordinator and Charity manager by clicking the link at the bottom of every page. Please include the name of the reality show contestant/s you would like to sponsor and we will let you know more details about travel options. By sponsoring a star you will also get VIP access and your name on the list above.

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Donations below are not the same thing as buying a ticket, please Contact Bonnie Garrison for details or special requests. Don't forget to add the reality star's name in the comment box so they get credit for donating in their name. If you are having problems clicking the donate button, please enter an amount before clicking donate. Donate

Donate to SoCo Animal Rescue

The Reality Rescue Festival is the 3rd annual benefit to proceed Animal Rescue attempts. This year we will be using all donations again for the SoCo Animal Rescue. The Event will include Reality Star signing and Dog Adoptions where you will get to meet some of your favorite Reality TV stars. Buy your ticket's to the Reality Rescue III event by clicking the button below.


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