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Written by Big Daddy on May 16th, 2011. Posted in Who's Coming

Maralyn Hershey spent 26 years with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C., having become one of the first women to be assigned to street patrol. Over the course of her tenure, she was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain and ultimately, Inspector. She is most proud of her promotion from Captain to Inspector, when she served as Commanding Officer of MPD Communications 911 for Washington, D.C. She retired in May of 1996. During her career, Hershey received over 70 letters of commendation and four Incentive Awards for Outstanding Perfomance of Duty.

An avid rider and competitor, Hershey enjoys showing her horse, G-Man, in various competitions in her area. Approximately two years ago, Hershey fractured two ribs from a horse fall, followed by a fractured pelvic bone from another fall six months after that. Despite her injuries, Hershey got back in the saddle again and continues to compete in regional equestrian competitions. Hershey was the recipient of the 1999 Peninsula Horse Show Association’s Annual Sportsmanship Award. For their 2000 season, Hershey was named champion of her Beginner Equitation/Jumping Division.

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