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Age: Legally old enough to Consume Alcoholic Beverages
Current Residence: Always In Wonderland
Occupation: Official Alliance Coordinator In Reality :)
Currently working on a national project with to stop bullying

Favorite activities: I truly enjoy competing in Reality Events that are affiliated with Charities.
I love fly fishing, bungee jumping, Cliff Diving, White Water Rafting, and Being an active member of an Elite Socialite Society!

What do you think was the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house:
The most difficult part of living in the BB house was Not knowing what was going on in my daughters life on a day to day basis ,
Not knowing how she was handling her new found fame, so to speak.

A recurring theme on Big Brother is “expect the unexpected.
” How did you handle “the unexpected:
I am a thinker by nature, so I expect nothing and I love the unexpected. It is almost like an adrenalin rush,
who doesn’t like surprises!

Which past/current Big Brother cast member do you like the most or least: I would say Our season was a bit different.
We share this Huge Bond . I will always treasure “Mike Boogie” Malin, he has a VIP reserved place in my heart for life. He made me want more out of my life.
I acquired a sister in Monica Bailey that I adore,
I have a wonderful bond with Rachel Plencner from BB6.
Will Kirby still makes me laugh,
it was just an awesome experience all around.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life:
Raising my daughters and having my oldest Graduated on Stage with “MAD” Honors and is now attending Colorado School of Mines.
My kids are my accomplishments.

What are you afraid of: Personally I fear nothing , I am fearless . The only thing on a different level that I fear: Not being around for my daughters throughout there trial and tribulations in there life!

Is there anything else you want the fans to know about yourself:
Well I have been keeping secrets but I guess it’s time for everyone to know the truth: I am a contracted Ninja Assassin ,
I collect garbage pail kid cards , I am a slum lord , also I am a in the closet dumpster diver. Last but not least I have a very detailed and Lucrative retirement plan ,
based around retrieving used Aluminum Cans on a full time basis!
Always: Krista Stegall Big Brother 2 ( chill town) Alumni :)

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