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I was born at Illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago, Illinois on January 7, 1981. I was a really cute kid with blonde hair and brown eyes. I always was into the beach and animals, so for fun I would catch frogs, snakes, and turtles. Most of my life I grew up in Chicago enduring the cold winters. In the late 70s and early 80s, Mom and Dad took me to California and Florida. I was always envious of the ocean and palm trees. As a young kid I would catch lizards in Florida and sneak them back to Chicago on the airplane. By 5 years old, I was a baseball fan and an excellent t-ball player. LOL! Quite often I was able to attend Cubs and White Sox games.
I always had many friends, and I have always been pretty loud! I hung around all walks of people. While I was into playing hide-and-go-seek in a cornfield, I was also always into sports. I loved going to Six Flags, the zoo, and video arcades. In 6th and 7th grade, I played a lot of golf. I loved being less than 16 years of age without a license and able to drive a golf cart.
In the summer before 8th grade, on August 8th, I was playing golf with my dad. He told me that he was aware I was playing with explosives. He did not want me playing with fireworks anymore. I should have listened! The very next day I injured my hand with fireworks. As long as that remains the worst thing to ever happen to me until the day I die, I don’t have any problem with it. I still played organized and unorganized sports very well.
High school was fun, and I continued having lots of friends. While I went to many parties, I was a huge non-drinker, non-smoker, and non-drug user. It was kind of difficult fitting in as a sober non-Jedi. By my early 20′s, I went to Southern Illinois University and became a student/stripper! I was a stripper for a short time because, believe it or not, I was into my studies. I could not dance, but my great looks and awesome body more than made up for it. My development as a young Jedi had begun.
A year later, I was in Tampa at the University of South Florida where, while working out in a gym, I met by buddy Super Dave. He possessed it all: Intelligence, enthusiasm, persona, confidence, as well as all the intangibles to become a fabulous businessman. I was quite amazed at how powerful of a Jedi Super Dave had already become.
Super Dave helped develop my raw materials and untapped talent that probably molded me into the great looking Beefcake I am today. After college, I went into sales. I have never forgotten about my meteorology dreams, and I will become a weatherman one day. At the same time, my destiny and calling should be presented all around the world. Blind Date and Elimidate were great in February and March of 2005. My Jedi skills took over in both shows. On Big Brother, the Force was with the Sovereign 6+2, just not strong enough. I was still only 3-4 HOH’s and POV’s away from winning it all! My Jedi skills are complete, and I will get to hone them again in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!
Hurricane Howie
Beefcake Howie
BB-6 Howie

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